Beach Sessions

Therapy doesn’t have to just be in an office. Let’s meet at the beach!
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Beach Sessions with Dr. Catalina

Walk & Talk Therapy at the Beach may be just for you!

Walk & Talk Therapy at the Beach may be just for you!

I offer beach sessions in Santa Monica, CA for individuals and couples.

Relax. The beach provides the perfect backdrop to therapy to foster relaxation and openness so that we can get to work on You.

If you prefer being outdoors rather than an office, beach sessions may be an ideal option for support.

I’ve been supporting individuals to Live Fully as a clinician, professor and researcher for the last 20 years.  I believe that full lives come with lots of challenges.  To Live Fully you need to choose intentionally how you want to respond, rather than react to these challenges.   YOU can be in control of your life, your challenges don’t need to control you. 

I specialize in supporting individuals improve their sexual wellbeing and relationships, as well as cope with chronic illnesses (e.g. cancer, pain, cardiac disease).  I take a relational therapeutic approach grounded in evidence-based cognitive behavioral (CBT) and existential theories.  Our relationship will be the vehicle that will support you to experience their desires, fears and boundaries in a safe, holistic, and accepting way. 

I’m committed to supporting you in reaching YOUR goals and in YOUR unique way.

How are beach sessions different?

As a Clinical Health Psychologist I’ve worked in many different settings and modalities.  Working bedside in a hospital, by the treadmill at physical therapy, or next to a Lazy Boy during chemotherapy – I’m used to and love working with clients in all environments.  Living in LA, we’re spoiled with sunny days and cool beach breezes.  Beach sessions include all the same elements of traditional face-to-face therapy in an office, except the office is the beach.   I still apply evidence-based treatments and strategies in my work, we’ll just be hearing waves rather than an air conditioner.  We’ll do the same works as we would in my office, the beach let’s you relax and settle into our sessions more smoothly, which in turns enhances your ability to explore and address your concerns. 

Are beach sessions private?

YES!  We’ll just be two (or three for couples) people talking and walking/sitting on the beach.  There’s no way anyone can tell the difference between people talking in a therapy session and friends chatting.   If you see someone you know during a session, you can or can’t choose to introduce me and how.  I’ll follow your lead.  The waves, sand and breeze work like noise blockers – others are focused on the beach, while we focus on You Living Fully.  My client’s report that they haven’t felt any difference of how private they feel between meeting in the beach or an office.  Indeed, they prefer the outdoors and natural setting of the beach over an office.  Most of my clients spent much of their week in an office, therefore this is another chance to be outdoors enjoying sunny Santa Monica.

What happens if it rains (even if it is LA)?

In the unlikely event that it’s actually raining, no worries.  We can meet at the office, find an alternative meeting place nearby or meet online.  There’s always a workaround to make sure you get support and for us to get to work.

Is this going to be a workout?

Our time on the beach can be spent however you prefer – walking or sitting, but nothing too strenuous.  We’ll keep the walking at a gentle-moderate pace of your choosing.  Being active can help boost our brains fostering productivity during our sessions.  While I work out regularly and know alot about fitness and nutrition, I’m not a personal trainer.  Therefore, you can choose to have a walk and talk session that can be your workout for the day, but we’ll keep your heart rate at a steady pace so that we can chat fluidly and work through your concerns.

Better intimacy starts here

Don’t worry, I get it: relationships and intimacy can be hard to navigate. But it’s time for you to experience your absolute birthright—exponential bliss. 

So let’s talk about it. Let me share with you my expertise.