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California, New York, and Illinois
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Online Psychotherapy with Dr. Catalina

Looking for support, but don’t have time, can’t be bothered by traffic or parking, or not comfortable going to a clinic?

I offer HIPAA compliant online video therapy to support women during midlife that is convenient and private!

Get support that fits with your schedule, your comfort level, wherever you are in the world.

Licensed in Illinois and New York, I offer online Psychotherapy Without Borders in both of these states, as well as Expats all around the globe. I currently see clients in California, New York, and Illinois. 

Is online therapy really as effective as face to face?

YES! Numerous research over the past decade, including some of my own, has shown online and tele-therapy to be as, if not more, effective as face to face therapy. The strongest predictor of success in therapy is a cohesive therapeutic relationship – chemistry. I have designed online interventions and trained others in doing online therapy, therefore I establish cohesive therapeutic relationships with patients online effectively and efficiently. The convenience and accessibility of online therapy also helps clients attend sessions regularly. Together, online psychotherapy fits into your life not the other way around. Psychotherapy Without Borders is overcoming barriers that traditional health care has not yet caught up with. If you would like to learn more, check out the American Psychological Association website.

How would Couples or Family Therapy work Online?

Technology is great! Using your laptop, smart pad or cell phone, you can meet with me using the same device or multiple devices for each session. Each client in the couple/family can log on individually and we can all virtually meet together just as if we were sitting on the same couch. This means if you are in Chicago and your partner or family member is in London, we can all still meet together online! Psychotherapy Without Borders, has NO borders.

How will our online psychotherapy sessions work?

It’s easy! Just follow these quick steps:

1. Schedule your appointment online. CLICK TO SCHEDULE

2. You’ll receive an email with access to your online portal to complete documents, personal and billing information.

3. You’ll receive a link to our private HIPPA compliant virtual room in your email/text reminder.

4. Click on the link to enter the virtual room where we will meet for the session.

5. Locate the chat feature in the bottom right corner to communicate with me before beginning the session.

6. When we are ready to begin press ‘Start Session’ to activate your microphone and camera.

7. Your computer may show a message asking to allow the program to access your microphone and camera.

You are required to create an account, set up payment information and sign the Informed Consent form to work with me in psychotherapy. The set-up process is super easy, secure and once it’s done you’ll be all set! Your payment will be processed before each session using payment information on your account.

The email you enter when creating an account will be used as your login ID once the account creation process is completed. Once you have entered your email I will be notified of your request to join my network. As soon as I accept the request you will be sent an email which will allow you to choose your password and setup your account.

You can also use the Iphone App for sessions on your phone

The Simple Practice iOS App is user friendly application that will allow you to effortlessly check into sessions as well as schedule new sessions with existing users. It can be downloaded from the iTunes App store. It will be listed as SimplePractice

  1. Download the app.
  2. Select whether you’re a client or provider.
  3. Login using your email address and password (If a client, click “Login to existing account” button as seen below)


Upon logging in, you will see the Session List screen. From this screen, you can check into your session.

*Please note that when you sign in for the first time, it will ask you to share your Camera and Mic. Please click allow for each.

*If the app is not working correctly, please try deleting the app and downloading again

Make sure you're ready for our online therapy session

1. Do you have a laptop, desktop PC or Mac, or Iphone which is 3 years old or newer?  Older devices may struggle to run the program properly.

2. Is your space equipped with a modern internet connection that is reliable? 
Connecting directly to your router using an ethernet cable for wired internet is recommended though wireless networks can work fine as well.

3. Have you downloaded Chrome or Firefox to your computer to use as your internet browser? 
Standard browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge or Safari on a Mac may encounter compatibility issues with the video software as those browsers are not as up to date with modern code.

4. Do you have access to a working webcam?
Most modern laptops have built in webcams which will work great for online therapy! If you have a desktop PC or Mac you may need to purchase and set up an external webcam.

5. Are you comfortable navigating computer software?
The online portal is easy to navigate and does not require any training to use. However, those who find computers to be confusing or frustrating in general may not be a good fit for online therapy.

Looking for more information about Live Video Sessions? Click Here

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