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October 29, 2018 Sex and cancer. We rarely hear these two words together, and that’s a problem because up to seventy percent of breast cancer patients
September 9, 2018
Sex After Cancer Helping female survivors regain their sexual satisfaction and confidence After Naomi’s breast cancer treatment — the lumpectomy, the chemotherapy, the 33
June 9, 2018
Check out the article at: Over 40 percent of all cancer survivors experience negative sexual changes after treatment, with this percentage dramatically rising
June 1, 2018
A community-based approach for developing novel web-based psychosexual resources for Latina cancer survivors Changes to sexual wellbeing have been reported as one of the
May 29, 2018
Revisit:  Check out an article I wrote about sex and cancer for The Conversation: Sex and cancer are words rarely uttered in the same


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