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May 13, 2019
The Single Best Way to Break Up with Someone, According to ExpertsHINT: IT DOESN’T INCLUDE SAYING “IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME.” By Laura Dorwart
May 12, 2019 There’s a plethora of relationship behaviors that feel familiar and safe to discuss, because they are easily recognizable: jealousy, infatuation, resentment, distrust. All
April 9, 2019 Are you looking for support for both you and your partner?Couples therapy may be an option Couples therapy has been proven to help
October 31, 2018 Are you wanting more sex than your partner and asking what should you do without leaving the relationship? Today I’m going to talk
October 29, 2018 Sex and cancer. We rarely hear these two words together, and that’s a problem because up to seventy percent of breast cancer patients
September 24, 2018 Have you been experiencing pain during or after sex? There’s a lot of reasons why women might experience pain during or after sex. These can be either physical or psychological. One
September 9, 2018
Sex After Cancer Helping female survivors regain their sexual satisfaction and confidence After Naomi’s breast cancer treatment — the lumpectomy, the chemotherapy, the 33
June 9, 2018
Check out the article at: Over 40 percent of all cancer survivors experience negative sexual changes after treatment, with this percentage dramatically rising
June 9, 2018
As I enjoy my 40s of being single and watch my friends- single, married, divorced- and myself navigate love in all its forms, I
June 1, 2018
A community-based approach for developing novel web-based psychosexual resources for Latina cancer survivors Changes to sexual wellbeing have been reported as one of the


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