Q&A With Catalina: Couples Therapy – How can it help & how’s it work?

Are you looking for support for both you and your partner?
Couples therapy may be an option

Couples therapy has been proven to help couples communicate more effectively, to strengthen relationships, sex lives and how you connect.

Couples therapy with me would start off with me meeting with you and your partner for one or two sessions, but then I’m going to work with each of you individually for a few weeks so that I can work on your individual thoughts and behaviors and reactions that actually impact the relationship. Then, we’ll meet again as a couple for a few sessions. This process of rotating between individual and couples sessions helps us really focus on empowering you each individually but so that you are in partnership side-by-side.

You may feel like you’ve talked your problems to death. Hitting on your head on the same wall, you are just over these conversations. They are hard, they are exhausted and they are often at 2:00 AM. We’re not going to just talk. We are going to take action, so that you actually see concrete shifts in your relationship. We are going to be working on sharpening your skills and also learning new strategies. In between sessions, it is all about implementation and integration. This is where you are going to practice these skills and these strategies in your day-to-day life.

One of the biggest barriers to couples therapy is actually getting everyone to show up to the party. Online therapy makes it a non-issue. Whether you are at home and your partner is traveling for work or maybe you guys have ridiculously tight schedules, you’re already busy. So, let’s take out all of those barriers that make it hard just to show up and let’s all three meet online.

If you’re interested in exploring how couples therapy might work for you and your partner, feel free to schedule a FREE 30-minute Consult and let’s see if we’re a match!


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