Married and Lonely? Here’s Why Your Relationship Isn’t Doomed

Cheers Michele for writing about the epidemic of loneliness and how even if you’re in a relationship, you may feel lonely. This was a great piece to be a part of and stay tuned for more of my posts and videos to address loneliness and how it affects our relationships and health. Keep in mind that loneliness is a subjective feeling, that is not dependent on whether or not we’re actually alone or live a solitary life. Over time, when someone perpetually feels lonely, their thoughts about self-worth, connection with others can turn negative and their lens can be shaped in a way that defines their reality. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can challenge your thoughts to gain more control of them and ultimately shift your feelings of loneliness. This isn’t easy unfortunately- it’s takes perseverance, repetitive practice of cognitive challenging, and sometimes professional support. But, it is possible. You don’t have to feel lonely forever. Click on the pic below to read the full article and feel free to reach out if you’re feeling lonely or are looking for resources for you or your loved ones. Cheers!!


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