Sex Under Lockdown …It’s getting real

Uncertainty and fear are at the core of the COVID crisis.   It’s during these times we focus on relationships the most.

Amidst this chronic stress our bodies are producing more cortisol, which can lead to changes in our testosterone and eosterogen levels — impacting our sexual wellbeing.  Changes to lidio, function -potency and lubrication, orgasm strength, pain– are all common changes to chronic stressors.  

During chronic stress, people respond differently when it comes to desire to have sex.  For some it can be like’- fuck no, whereas for others, it’s a fuck me plz.  No way is necessarily right or wrong, but if you’re timing’s off with your partner or you don’t have one under your roof- this could lead to more than sexual frustration.  

Sex connects us to ourselves and others.

Harnessing our sexual energy can regulate our physiological arousal keep us calm, more focused and surprisingly energized. 

Sex can be a great stress releiver.  The oxytocin hit can relieve tension, improve sleep and enhance feelings of safety- the primary thing your body wants to feel right now.

Today I want to address some common questions that have come up in my work as well as from some great followers sending them in.  I’ll start with those same roofers then the single-roofed


Top questions I’ll be answering:

For couples

  • Can I still have sex with my partner?
  • What if my partner may have COVID or does?
  • What if I don’t want to have sex, but my partner’s incredibly horny?
  • What if I can’t stand my partner, but we’re stuck with one another during this fucking crisis?
  • Are we having too much sex?   Fuck you! – Just kidding


For singles

  • Am I celibate?
  • Can I pick one partner to be my COVID CUDDLE Buddy? 
  • How can I meet someone?  
  • Sexting?  Skype sex – WTF, really???
  • How early is too early to start virtual sex?
  • Can I use sex toys and do I have to wash them?


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