8 Ideal Locations for Having a Tough Convo With Your Partner (and 3 Places You Should Avoid)

Communication is key in relationships, but let’s be honest – even though we know it’s healthier for the relationship to talk things through, talking about problems with your partner isn’t easy and can certainly be stressful. Check out Taylor’s piece in Cosmo for some suggestions on ideal spots to have serious conversations with your partner. Check out the full article at: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/a28750931/where-to-have-a-serious-conversation/

Here’s a few of my two cents on the topic:

1. In a park
Best for DTRing and discussing future plans

You’re secluded enough where you can say what you want and have a real, honest convo, but you’re also public enough that raising your voices will cause a scene (hoping that’s something you don’t like to do, unless totally warranted). “Being in nature can relax you,” says clinical psychologist Catalina Lawsin, PhD. And you can always play with the grass or stare up into the clouds as you try to get your thoughts together.

2. On the sidewalk after taking a workout class
Best for DTRing and discussing something that upset you

Well, duh: working out = endorphins = happier vibes. “Exercise can help burn off any repressed feelings you’ve had about your relationship, so when you’re feeling more relaxed, this is a great time to talk,” says Lawsin. Grab a juice together or go on a walk post-class to stretch out. Then address the sitch.


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