Connecting amidst the Corona Virus

This is a stressful, uncertain time we are experiencing amidst the Corona Virus Crisis.  Anxiety feeds on uncertainty and fear.  COVID is offering the perfect feeding ground for anxiety. 

If you’re noticing yourself avoiding others or withdrawing, know that these are the most common anxious reactions.

How have you been connecting?

My reservoir has been pretty full, so I’ve noticed myself refraining from engaging with certain people and disengaging from others.  It’s been an interesting dance.  I think this time, now maybe more than ever, it’s a time for us to connect with ourselves and others.

This video I’ll talk about strategies to connect with yourself including:

  • Noticing how your body’s reacting
  • Expect that your body is experiencing more stress than usual – all of ours are
  • Give yourself some padding/space to buffer the effects of additional stress
  • Get outside, but stay 10 feet away from others
  • Stay informed, but accurately informed
    • Notice how your body feels when you’re following the news
    • Pace your intake – particularly on social media
  • Explore what’s pleasurable
    • Pleasure is fueling, so do things that bring you joy and pleasure – and yes, this includes sex
  • Listen to your favorite songs – make play lists
  • Do the fun hobbies you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time


How to connect with others:

  • Technology is great – get creative
    • online poker games, meditations, dance parties
    • FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom
    • **** I’m going to start an online Chat where we can Really Talk about sex and relationships (keep a lookout)
  • Share your playlists with friends and family
  • Take videos and text them through (WFH is causing wi-fi to be super slow)- so not everything has to be in real time.
  • See this as an opportunity to work on relationships – without the pressure of time or having to plan an external activity
  • Be mindful of how your sharing info and what you’re sharing
    • rants, blaming, yelling – while all that’s fair- be mindful of the energy you’re trying to spread
    • I’m not saying just be fake and smiley- this is a shit period in the history of our world.  It’s fair to say this isn’t something to smile about.  But, how can you BALANCE out your message and spreading that energy to the world. 


How can you connect, rather than distance???

  • Pay it forward- how can you offer others?  Next door apps, tipping delivery drivers, helping a friend with a small business


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