Ep 7. Exploring Tantra with Brian Piergrossi

In this week’s episode I’m delighted to welcome Brian Piergrossi to the show to chat about tantra.

Brian and I explore:
~ the pathway of tantra
~ how to harness our sexual energy for healing and pleasure
~ the individual journey of tantra
~ parallel vs enmeshed journeys in relationship
~ holding space for yourself

Brian is coach, mentor, author, podcaster, workshop facilitator, and father who has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world over the past 12 years. After being debilitated with a decade of chronic illness, Brian committed himself to the inquiry of the root cause of human suffering & the core principles of vitality, achievement and fulfillment. Through 11 years of his own serious inquiry led by many of the world’s mentors from all disciplines, he transferred his learnings and experience towards supporting others in so many ways it’s a long list, so be patient. Brian has written two books, “The Wow of Now” and “The Big Glow”; he provides individual, couple and group support to individuals on every continent via coaching, workshops, retreats, lectures, shows, festivals; he founded the Big Glow Online Community on Facebook with over 6,000 members, hosts The Brian Piergrossi Podcast as well as his newest podcast What is Tantra http://eepurl.com/cc7wW1 and his message cuts across several social media communities. Be sure to check out his new podcast, it’s magical, opening and super juicy!

Hope you enjoy the show!! 


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