How do you react when triggered? Your Body Knows First!

How do you react when sh*t happens in your relationships??

Whether at work, at home, with friends or family – how do you typically react when triggered?

In this video I’m going to chat about how our body reacts to stress when triggered, stemming from how it learned to protect itself early on.  I’ll be discussing our human tendencies to either up-regulate, down-regulate, or both.  From here, I’ll explain Dr Steve Porges’s Polyvagal Theory to explain how the three systems of our brain to: engage social support, mobilize, or immobilize. 

I’ll then get us thinking about how all this applies when it comes to sex and relationships.    

Do you find yourself aggressing or pulling away??

Do you find yourself initiating intimacy?

Do you find yourself perpetually sexually dissatisfied? 

I’ll provide a clear example of  how pain and anxiety/fear feed a common avoidance cycle. 

So begin to notice what’s happening to your body.  Remember, Your Body Knows First!

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Cheers!  Stay healthy & Safe!

Dr. Catalina


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