How To Try Masturbation If You’ve Never Done It Before. Cheers Annakeara from Bustle for including me in your piece!

Masturbation/ self-pleasure/self-love/ you time…whatever label you choose- is awesome for your sexual wellbeing and overall health. I’ll talk more in the future about the health benefits of masturbation, but safe to say that the list is long and the ride is fun! This was a fun piece to be a part of and a great read if you’re early on in exploring self-pleasure. Enjoy the read and try some of the tips at:

Cheers Annakeara for spotlighting self-pleasure and breaking down the walls that keep us from enjoying our own ride!

Here’s a few of my two cents on self-love:

“You’re about to embark on a new journey that’s all for you,” … “Identify your fears, desires and boundaries are before starting this journey.”

“Find a comfortable place where you can lie down or sit comfortably where no one will disturb you,” … “If you live with others, try locking the door or plan a time when you won’t be disturbed.”

“Start off slowly by first giving your body a gentle massage where ever you feel tense,” …”Try scanning your body from head to toe to check-in for muscle tightness or soreness. Gently massage, exhale and release this tension.”

“You can build up to touching your genitals slowly, first becoming comfortable touching the surrounding areas,”

“As you begin to touch your genitals, start off gently and slowly,” … “Experiment with different strokes, using different fingers and different pressure on your genitals.”


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