Is Keeping Secrets In A Relationship OK? 8 Things To Tell Your Partner In The First Year Of Dating

The first year of relationships is often described as the honeymoon period filled with excitement, exploration and adventure. As budding relationships grow, this is also time to learn more about your partner and open yourself up to foster deep connections and intimacy. But how much should you open up and what should or shouldn’t you talk about with your partner during the early stages of your romance? Check out Jordan’s piece in Bustle to learn about parts of your story you might want to consider sharing this first year of your relationship. Opening up and making yourself vulnerable can be daunting, but it also can build your trust in yourself to share ALL sides of yourself to your partner. You’re perfectly imperfect and when you own your past, you embrace all of you – which is all you want your partner to love.

Here’s a few of my two cents on the topic:

8. Problems From Previous Relationships
You and your partner might have decided not to talk about former partners or sexual experiences, and that’s definitely OK. But what can be really helpful is to disclose re-occurring problems you’ve had in prior long-term relationships. “We all have habits that are deeply engrained in ourselves and have a tendency to repeat themselves in relationships,” Dr. Catalina Lawsin, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in sex, relationships, and health, tells Bustle. “By sharing this with your partner, you can explore how your current relationship may foster these behaviors and you can assert what support you may need to shift these so they don’t become problematic,” she says. You can do this without speaking about any specific ex if you need to. Just be clear about general trends instead of specific scenarios.

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