Polyamory: Busting Myths & Talking Truths with Franklin Veux Part 2

This week’s episode of Sex Marks the Spot continues my chat with Franklin Veux about polyamory.

Franklin has always engaged in polyamorous relationships, is an educator and go to guy when it comes to polyamorous and ethical non-monogamous relationships.  Franklin has been practicing polyamory since before the term existed and launched the leading web resource on polyamory, morethantwo.com in 1997.  In 2014 Franklin and his partner Eve wrote More Than Two:  A practical guide to polyamory.  Throughout his public and private adventures, Franklin integrates his own experiences as well as those from the thousands of individuals and couples around the world who have shared their hard learned lessons with him.  Franklin has started and expanded conversations on ethical non-monogamous relationships, how to navigate them and how to grow and expand love for yourself and others through them. 

Part 2 we delve further into polyamory exploring how to navigate consensually non-monogamous relationships that builds on trust, effective communication and self-compassion. We’ll chat about:

  • How to/not to use rules flexibly in relationships
  • The difference between rules vs boundaries in relationships
  • Secondary Bill or rights
  • How risk is a part of EVERY relationship
  • How to intentionally RESPOND rather than REACT when triggered in relationships
  • Self-efficacy and building trust in your choices in and out of relationships


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