13 Sex Therapists On TikTok You Need To Follow

When it comes to sex and intimacy, it can be hard to know where to go for advice. The internet is full of infinite information and can make finding resources on sexual health and wellness confusing and, at times, even frustrating. If you find yourself in this situation, following sex therapists on TikTok is a great way to start.

Sex therapists can provide a wide range of services and information, from how to have an orgasm to better ways to communicate your desires in bed. Many sex therapist TikTok creators come from backgrounds in psychology, social work, gender studies, and social justice. These therapists create content to teach individuals about their bodies and pleasure, to destigmatize kinks, and to emphasize how healing and communication relate to sex.

No two sex therapists are the same, so whether you’re a parent who wants to focus on intimacy while raising a family or you’re happily single and childfree but want to take ownership of your pleasure, an educated sex therapist might be just what you need. While nothing can replicate one-on-one sessions with a licensed professional, TikTok still has informative content from experts in the sexual health, healing, and well-being space.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life or increase intimacy with your partner, these sex therapists on TikTok can certainly be a great place to start, so be sure to hit that follow button.


Emily Jamea, Ph.D., creates a variety of both humorous and informative content, ranging from sex advice for moms to how having ADHD affects intimacy in relationships. Her videos are great for sex advice at all stages of life regardless of relationship status. And thanks to her use of TikTok’s trending sounds and video formats, you’ll have fun while staying informed.


Kate Balestrieri, Psy.D., has a considerable following of well over 100,000 on both Instagram and TikTok, and for good reason — her expertise as both a psychologist and sex therapist is obvious in each video she makes. She provides insightful tips on sex and relationships using her knowledge of psychology and healing. Her inclusion of simple graphics and tidbits from research studies helps viewers better grasp each concept she discusses.


If you’re looking for insight into the more spiritual side of sex, Marissa Remy has you covered. Her videos on trauma, spiritual healing, and how energy affects intimacy can help reconnect you to yourself and your spirit in the bedroom.


For a neuroscientific look at sex and relationships, look no further than Catalina Lawsin, Ph.D. As an experienced psychologist and sex therapist, Catalina’s videos inform viewers about responding to and communicating about sexual issues with their partners, with a particular focus on “sexless relationships.”


@sarah.marg This took too long to film for you to not like it 🥺 #fyp ♬ Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Inclusion in the sex and relationships space is important, and Sarah is a great resource for LGBTQ+ communities and diverse body representation. As a sex therapist in training, their profile includes videos about their daily life and the journey toward becoming a sex therapist, as well as plenty of informative content about LGBTQ+ issues.


With plenty of research-based videos on communicating intimacy needs to your partner and even content about nonmonogamy and diverse relationship structures, Janel Vitale is a must-follow sex therapist. Once you scroll through her profile and the bounty of information she has to share, particularly her videos perfectly following TikTok trends, you’ll understand why she’s earned over 6 million likes.


With her extensive education and experience, including a Ph.D. in human sexuality and a masters in social work, Bat Sheva is an amazing resource in the world of sex therapy. She covers everything from science-backed tips to help you orgasm to destigmatizing the use of sex toys in the bedroom.


Jac brings all the humor to her content about having a healthy and satisfying sex life. She encourages trying things like scheduling and initiating regular sex with partners, all while following some hilarious TikTok trends.


@laurenscafetherapy Better communication leads to better s*x, but if you’re partner doesn’t feel safe with you - emotionally or physically- the s*x will likely not improve. #therapy #sextherapy #couplestherapy #relationshipgoals ♬ Fold in the cheese - Jake Wolfe

A registered nurse and sex therapist in training, Lauren Scafe has plenty of creative videos for anyone to enjoy. As a mom and a nurse, Scafe provides information about sexual health for moms as well as general tips for women that focus on how emotions play into pleasure and how trauma and body image coincide.


Kristin’s emphasis on social justice, trauma, and child safety makes her a great resource for those looking for an intersectional approach to sexual wellness. Her “unpopular opinions from a sex therapist” videos have sparked great conversations surrounding stigmas and trends in the worlds of sex, relationships, and gender.


Nikki, Ph.D., offers a necessary perspective as a Black woman in sex therapy in her TikToks. Her videos are comprehensive, entertaining, and gently challenging for all women as she holds a mirror to some existing beliefs. Her encouraging voice will inspire you to deepen your intimate relationships and take ownership of your pleasure.


A mental health-focused sex therapist, Dany provides a great place to get educated about how communication and mental illness affect sex and intimacy. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, Dany’s TikTok is full of videos about being confident in your sexuality.


There’s always a need for more kink and sex work representation in the sex therapy world, and Sara Rosen offers just that. Sara’s videos are helpful and straightforward, with the goal to reduce shame and stigma around kinks and fetishes. Her videos explain that kinks are more common than we may think and she also provides a safe space for sex workers with additional information about how to support them, too.


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